So we left off at the prepped copy stage. What follows is the wire-frames and ball-on-ball construction for the two characters.

Wire Frames / Ball on Ball


This may not be the best example since the feet really are not shown, for Preston, and the character on the right is wearing a robe so i did not have to put in his feet either. The wire frame for body positions is shown in purple, and the limb structure is filled in using balls.



This actually is a step that was performed at the initial creation of the cartoon. The composition of the three main shapes in the frame were checked to make sure they were in harmony. The large purple circles basically show the way that the shapes are made. I like to recheck the composition, with the prepped copy over the inked version to verify proportions are correct.



Basically you just draw over the framework you have created for the drawing to ink the copy. I have tried to leave enough white space around the characters so that the characters are clearly defined.  This is an upcoming strip; I hope you found this useful; though looking at this version I can tell I need to make one or two adjustments that need to be made; specifically to the big guy’s left hand.